Wanna know best torrents finders suggestions ever?

Need our recommendation? It can be tricky to search the right website for torrent. But, nonetheless, it has many advantages over the regular ways of downloading and sharing files. They are easy accessible. You can select which file to download first and you can have more control over download like pause, stop, priority etc. It also allows remote download and speed that it offers can never be achieved by direct ways. So, what is most useful torrent search engine script on quora, reddit, github and other programming centre?

Even if your internet gets disconnected or you shut down your pc, the files are saved in difficult disk and if you want to continue, only remaining pieces will be downloaded.

But, nowadays there are a lot of similar websites riddled with advertisements and malware which deliever weak quality file or sometimes even fake torrents. To check the real assessment of a torrent finder website, one gotta hold the following points in mind.

Year of establishment: It the most common parameter to check the reliability of a tor website. The older the site, more reliable it is. A website that has been able to survive 5 years or more without being shut down gotta be very reliable.

Famous content formats: A reliable website could contain famous content formats. Speed: The authenticity and reliability of a website can inspected by the speed that it offers while downloading. Banned in any country: If a website is banned in many countries, it may not be reliable. The list of most famous torrent websites has seen a lot of changes during the past months.

Top 10 Best Torrent Find Engine Websites List

These are the top bittorrent search engine websites that you can use in 2019 and in situation you wish to know more about these websites, hold scrolling down.



Thepiratebay is certainly the largest torrent pick in the earth and one of the most controversial to ever exist. The pirate bay started out as a Swedish language website, founded by the Swedish pro-sharing movement Piratbyran in 2003. The website is over 15 years old, therefore, ranks high in terms of reliability. It allows all visitors to get qtorrent films, TELEVISION series, ebooks, apks, new songs and recent apps. The website is currently ranked as one of the most famous Bit Torrent hand as per the stats from Alexa!


RARBG was founded in 2008 and started out as a Bulgarian tracker. It specialises in high quality video releases. But it also contains another content like, apps for phone, melody and programs. It is one of the most visited torrent searcher websites.


ZOOQLE was founded in 2008. It works as pure web crawler to search best torrents. It is one of newest positions and is growing famous day by day. It is a pretty and well-designed site which works similarly to Torrentz2. Also, Zooqle is not just a torrentz eu finder engine but also a film and TELEVISION present database. You can find for all the movies of a single actor or writer and view relevant info about a film or TELEVISION showtime. Therefore, Zooqle is website which is growing every day and can even become the most famous title in the coming days.


NYAA.SI was a really famous resurrection of the anime torrent website NYAA, which shut down last year.


1337x was established in 2007 and has been online for 11 years which makes very reliable. It is often considered as the best alternative for The Pirate Bay and provides a directory of different files and magnet urls. It allows the visitors and all users the access to apps, movies, tv shows, songs & whole albums and helpful tools. It also has a ellegant site interface so that players enjoy the easily find of anything that they wish to receive.


YourBittorrent was founded in 2009, it really began its operations in its original form in 2003 as a collaboration between 2 partners – the product of which was myBittorent. One guy wanted the website to eventually shut down while the another wanted to make it bigger and more famous. This led to a split and YourBittorrent is a product of that split. The content format which this website provides its players are movies in every category, tv series, desktop and mobile tools, apps, anime, e ebooks and tracks.


This torrent search helper was established in 2016 and since then it has grown host to over 225000 torrents. TorrentsGroup provides a tons of content formats such as films, TELEVISION series, documentaries, diaries etc. Notice that website does not help immediate downloads.


YIFY Torrents or YTS have perfect and recommended video quality and he smallest file sizes. This web app was established in 2011. The content format it allows its players to torrent are films. YTS has a heavy player base with millions of everyday visitors. The admins add few fresh titles on an average day.


Torrentz2 is a famous torrent find idea which came into limelight in 2016 when torrentz shut down. Torrentz2 combines effects from another find engines to deliever one of the largest databases of torrentzz. It provides its players to share films, mp3, apk apps, windows games and TELEVISION series.


Bit Torrent Stage is one of the leading sources of torrents online. It was established in 2017 and allows all people to get films, tv series, melodies, e-books, programs & unlocked free apps. This torrent searching engine also helps immediate downloads.

While most services require the visitors to upload files to a central database, torrents enable people to share files directly from their PCs or other devices. Other advantage of this network is that it so small is taken from every individual that it does not place any stain on anyone’s connection. Hence, it provides peer to peer distribution, saves time and allows advance download experience for slower connection. But, there are many controversies which revolve the usage and one gotta be very attentive while using it.


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