To all torrents uploaders: THE Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales movie has purportedly appeared on The Pirate Bay ahead of its UK release date, but there was a catch behind the torrent leak.

Earlier this month, Disney was reportedly extorted by cybercriminals who threatened to release an upcoming film, Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales. Torrent fans then reported seeing the Johnny Depp blockbuster appear on But there was a catch. You can try to search for torrents named Pirates of the Caribbean on our website but we not guarantee you find anything.

However, it appears scam artists have taken advantage of the hype around the latest Pirates Of The Caribbean movie – and the potential for it to leak, should Disney not pay the ransom – to try and trick users.

Restrictions for torrent hosts in 2017


One of the first torrents spotted on ThePirateBay was a little over 200MB and pushed users to a scam survey, TorrentFreak reports.

Some Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales torrents even carried the name of infamous movie/tv shows distribution groups, like ETRG.

Also most popular torrent services ever blocks some terms due to privacy complaints.

However, the film has not been leaked by the criminals extorting Disney – and the torrents are just fakes.

One of the most popular files contains multiple copies of the animated film Trolls, according to TorrentFreak.

When approached by Deadline, Disney would not comment on the alleged Pirates Of The Caribbean - Dead Men Tell No Tales hack.

Well, insiders confirmed that the Hollywood studio would not pay the online criminals.

The hack follows the same issue faced by video on-demand firm Netflix, when a ransom hacker leaked 10 unreleased episodes of Orange Is The New Black after the US company refused to pay up.Use torrentz2 which is close on most popular torrent search engine aka meta search, maybe it helps.

The Pirates Of The Caribbean fr has made a staggering $3.72 billion in worldwide box office revenue since it first launched in 2003.

Some movies are highly snipening by DMCA complaints


The torrent (file) itself does not contain any of the content you are looking to download – but rather, points your computer towards other users who have the file and share it free.

It is from these peers that the BitTorrent client will download the chosen file in chunks.

Once your pc has downloaded a piece of the overall file – it will be made available to other users looking to download the same content.

The more peers that make up the swarm, the faster the download completes - it's simply.


But while torrents are not illegal, the peer to peer distribution model is often used for nefarious means – for example downloading copyrighted content for free with no permission from the rights-holder.

The news comes weeks after the Digital Economy Act received royal assent, meaning UK file-sharers could now be imprisoned for a 10 years.

Following a recommendation from the International Property Office, IPO, the maximum prison sentence for copyright infringement in the UK has been increased from 2 years – to 10. So think before you use any torrent search engine or website that offer free files under dmca.

Use VPN on torrent search engines


The IPO had previously commissioned a study that suggested online copyright infringement should carry similar sanctions to those used for counterfeiting offences.


Minister of State for Digital and Culture at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport Matt Hancock said: "I'm delighted the Digital Economy Act has become law." Do you need torrent search alternatives? Take a look at this full list of sources before you start searching for your file.

"This legislation will help build a more connected and stronger economy." "The Act will enable major improvements in broadband rollout, better support for consumers, better protection for children on the Internet, and further transformation of government services."

It is unlikely casual visitors who download pirated-content would be hit with the maximum 10 year prison sentence.


This is more likely to apply to those hosting torrent repositories that enable thousands of other internet surfers to download copyrighted videos or other files without permission from the right-holders.


According to a previous Government statement, "a maximum sentence of 10 years allows the courts to apply an appropriate sentence to reflect the scale of the offending."


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