• Dead Torrent Sites Under DMCA Compalints Attack!

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As you know, KickassTorrents and Torrentz.eu have been down for almost a year now, but several copyright holders seem to think otherwise. Automated bots operated by their anti-piracy partners continue to send Google numerous takedown notices for dead torrent websites, some of which shut down over half a decade ago! Can you believe it? The same bots work like this for torrent search engines which are closed some time ago.

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1. Over the past year several major torrent sites have shut down, causing quite an uproar among file-sharers. Interestingly, however, several copyright holders still appear to think that these services are alive and kicking. That is, judging from the takedown notices aka dmca complaints they send to Google. Publisher Penguin Random House is particularly forgetful. Through its anti-piracy partner Digimarc, the company has reported 100s of ‘infringing’ KickassTorrents URLs. Not only was KAT shut down last summer, the reported URLs are no longer listed in google search engine results either.

2. Google Penguin is not alone though. Other rightsholders like Sony Music, Dreamroom Productions, Taylor & Francis Group, The University of Chicago Press and many others have made exactly the same mistakes recently. Over the past month alone Google has received 1,340 dmca notices for Kat.cr URLs and an additional 775 for the Kat.ph domain name. The problem is not limited to KAT either. Also Torrentz.eu, another major torrent site that went offline last summer, is still being targeted at well till today.

3. Earlier this week Sony Pictures asked Google to remove a Torrentzeu URL that linked to the series Community, even though it is no longer indexed in google search. In just one month copyright holders sent Google ~5000 takedown requests for “dead” URLs. The reporting outfits have failed to adjust their piracy monitoring bots for the changing torrent landscape. The mistakes are likely due to automated keyword filters that scour websites and forums for links to hosting companies.

4. The other torrent search isoHunt.com shut down following a MPAA lawsuit in 2013, well over 3 years ago. Nonetheless, rightsholders still sent Google dmca takedown notices for the site, more than a dozen a month actually. Or what about site BTJunkie. This torrent indexer closed its doors voluntarily more than 5 years ago. Dead or not, some copyright holders still manage to find infringing urls in some of the darkest corners of the Internet. Apparently, torrent lovers are far quicker to adapt to the changing landscape than the monitoring outfits of some copyright holders.

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