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Torrent Search Engine incoming!

TuTorrent.com is new and useful tool powered by Google. This great service filter only the relevant results from Google Search Engine. You stay 100% safe when you're on this page. The black screen may look scarry but I use it to lessen the brightness of the screen and to prevent eye strain. How many torrent sites tutorrent supports? It's hard to say, because this number is not constant, I often add new sites and remove non-working services. Unfortunalety, a lot of this kind of sites goes down because of dmca or other issues. A good info for you is finding torrent files is very easy from now. Just enter the file name and search the most popular and also new sites for live torrents.

Is it possible to find any torrent here?

Well, I cannot promise you, but test it right now and you will come back for more. My website supports almost every torrent site available in google search. If any torrent site is indexed and its offer free torrents, this site is on my list for sure and it's probably supported by this search. If you notice that something is wrong with this site or you have an idea how to improve tutorrent.com, let me know. Im open for tips and advices to keep this project alive and as useful and friendly for users as possible.

Where is the list of supported sites and how to add own site?

I didn't publish my list and at this moment you are not able to see how many sites are supported. I try my best to keep about one hundred working torrent sites but this value is changing. All you should know is the list is bigger than you think and this website is faster and more helpful than most of serch engines on this field. Google hates torrents but I hope this project will be helpful as long as possible. All is legal and I didn't attach any outgoing links. You will only see search results like in normal google search. Enjoy! If you are admin of any new torrent website and you need traffic, feel free to contact me and I will add your service to my big list. From now, if someones search for file and this file can be found on your own website, this torrent search engine will show many pages and among them you can find results from your service!